Sainik School Preparation Tips

Preparation Tips for Sainik School

Dear students, do you intend to take the Sainik School Entrance Exam in 2023 or 2024? If so, you’ve come to the right spot, because the best books for admission exams and exam preparation tips for Sainik School are listed below. In order to prepare for the entrance exam in 2023, applicants can obtain the Sainik School Exam Guides from our website.

How to prepare for Sainik School Entrance Exam

In Dehradun, DSS is one of the best coaching institutions. Everyone in our coaching facility offers preparing advice of the highest calibre. If you’d want to enrol at Sainik School. You must therefore obtain Sainik School Preparation Tips. For example, what to study, how to study, study materials, study schedules, and interview preparation.

Doon Sainik school is the best academy in Dehradun NCR for RIMC, military, and Sainik schools preparation for entrance exams. For India’s TOP Boarding Schools, we assist students in the preparation of written exams and interviews.

Tip 1: Know your exam Pattern

The preparation for the 2023 Sainik School test begins with this. Identifying the total number of questions, section-by-section questions, marking scheme, and other key factors can be done with the use of exam patterns.

Therefore, you can see from the exam format above that just math accounts for 50% of the overall scores. Learn this subject thoroughly and strengthen it as a result. In addition, cover additional subjects to raise overall grades.

Class 6th Exam Pattern

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
General Knowledge2550

Class 9 Exam Pattern

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
Social Studies2550
General Science2550

Tip 2: Plan Accordingly

Making an appropriate plan for your exam preparation is crucial. Planning should be scheduled by creating a schedule and allocating enough time for each desired subject in accordance with that schedule.

Tip 3: Go through the entire Syllabus

You must be familiar with the exam syllabus if you wish to pass the entrance exam. A proper syllabus is required for the exam. Additionally, plan your schedule in accordance with the syllabus. You can manage any subject with the help of the schedule. For Sainik school textbooks, visit our website.

Tip 4: Clear Basic Concepts

After reviewing the exam material, students must first understand their foundational principles. You can’t go on to difficult or extreme issues if you haven’t established your foundation for any given subject. However, fundamental questions can also come up frequently. Clarify your fundamental ideas about each subject.

Tip 5: Go through School Books First

It is crucial for a student to consult their course textbooks from the current and previous classes. All of the topics covered in these books are covered in detail and at a basic level. Thus, the foundation for Sainik school preparation is laid by textbooks. After that, you can read through other reference materials to prepare with more questions of the same kind in order to perform well on the Sainik School Entrance Exam 2023.

Tip 6: Examine your weaknesses

For exam preparation, each student should be aware of their areas of strength and weakness. if you are unaware of your weaknesses. Next determine which subject and which topic you are not at your best in. Then focus on that subject more. To achieve greater achievements, you must practice more frequently.

Tip 7: Go through You Tube

The best place to learn is on YouTube because it offers free lessons from experts with advanced degrees. Each topic has a detailed video available.

Simply write down each topic and search for it on YouTube. Hindi, English, and more regional languages are available for learning.

Tip 8: Practice Previous Years Papers/Mock Tests

Regular practice is the best way to get close to perfection. This statement is fact, not simply a saying. You must take practise exams if you want to pass the AISSEE 2023 and achieve higher exam results. Students can take practise exams online or practise by working through old exam papers. Make sure you have prepared adequately for the exam before taking it; without preparation, you cannot pass the test.

Tip 9: Gather Exam related notes

Students are required to prepare their exam notes during their exam preparation. All applicants can benefit greatly from the exam notes. You can quickly review your whole syllabus using the exam notes you took right before the test. Ensure your notes were organised properly and in accordance with the official exam curriculum.

Tip 10: Manage your time well

This is another crucial element of the exam preparation advice. As far as we are aware, there won’t be much time to attempt the test. Therefore, you must finish the exam within specified time frame. Keep in mind that during the exam you must give your all.

To examine your time for a single question paper, you must practise more and more and take mock exams. Students should be required to write more quickly. This will be more useful when taking the test. If you write quickly, you won’t have to leave any questions unanswered for lack of time.

Tip 11: Go through Study Material

We advise all students to pick the best textbooks for exam preparation. Make sure all of the book’s contents are up to date with the syllabus before purchasing any exam-related books. Because the syllabus and structure may change every year, it is always advisable to buy the most recent edition of a particular book for the entrance exam. Students can also look out some recommended books for the AISSEE 2023, on our portal.

Tip 12: Tuition/Coaching

Students may also enrol in tutoring sessions for challenging or in-depth subjects. There is also the option of a coaching class. However, paying for classes at this age is a better choice. Find a reputable tutor for your subject and finish your studying before the test.

Tip 13: Do not distract yourselves, avoid social media

Some social media tools can be very helpful to you, like you tube and some other media channels but mostly it is a big distraction. Most students use their mobile devices to visit social media when they are studying. Please don’t touch these objects. as a result of the time they waste. Using a mobile device while studying makes it difficult to concentrate.

Only use it under the guidance of your parents and for study and reference purposes only.

Tip 14: Stay fit, do meditation and exercises

The last but certainly not the least Sainik School Preparation 2023 advice is to practise regular meditation and modest exercise to keep your mind awake and alert. To stay healthy, follow a nutritious diet and get enough sleep.

Sainik School Best Books 2023 for Exam Preparation

  • Sainik School 6th Guide 2023- Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 9 book by Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 6 Exam Guide 2023 in Hindi by Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 9 Guide 2023
  • Sainik School Book 2023
  • Sainik School Class 6 Exam Guide 2023
  • AISSEE Paper 1, Paper 2 Books


So, if you want to pass the exam, use these pointers and Sainik tutoring to succeed. This article will help you with Sainik School Preparation Tips. By using these strategies, you can pass the entrance exam with awesome grades. Stay focused, and best of luck!

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