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Principal Madam
Faculty of sainik school

~MA (Public Administration) & B.Ed , PGCTE (Assistant Master) was honored with the National Awardfor Teachers, 2011.
~The Indian Education Award 2019 - The award was presented to her at New Delhi on the occasion of the Teacher's Day, by her Excellency, Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician.
~GS Faculty for Army Cadet in KV IMA (Dehradun).
~UPSC(Civil Services) Prelims Qualified
~Grade in NCC C Certificate
~National Player in Judo & Kho-Kho
~Divya Soni, director of Doon Sainik School, is currently the course mentor of 42 brigade HRDC unit of army education Corps Ex-senior Faculty of RIMC. Till end of November 2021 the learned and experienced faculty of Doon Sainik School have been the course mentors of the fore NDA batch in KV IMA.

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Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar
Kamlesh Yadav
Kamlesh Yadav
My name is Aditya Singh I m clear the exam of rimc 2023 . I m very thankful to divya mam . Best academy for rimc coaching
Naresh Singh
Naresh Singh
Excellent for rimc coaching
Sonu Jaiswal
Sonu Jaiswal
Excellent management of divya soni mam
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan
Maninder Parashar
Maninder Parashar
Skilled and dedicated staff. The training is comprehensive that includes written exam as well as SSB Interview. Results speak for work done. The new hostel at Nanda Ki Chowki is very luxurious. Discipline is enforced by Divya Madam who is gentle but firm in her approach.
Bar Sha
Bar Sha
Excellent coaching my son is clear for rimc thx Divya Soni mam
Devendra Pandey
Devendra Pandey
am grateful to be the part of this institution. Very interactive test. Well personalized. It's very good institution. Grateful teachers. This medium of online teaching is very good and very interactive and interesting classes. Very different way of learning than any other institute. Very good teachers and I am excited to learn everything of everyday's concepts. Best aptitude to prepare for entrance exams. I would like if every child to take part in this institution. Best questions in the handouts. It's amazing to learn in this aptitude for any entrance exam. Thank you.

Boarding Schools in India

Boarding schools have been an integral part of the Indian education system for several decades. These schools offer a unique learning environment where students live and study on the same campus, providing them with a holistic educational experience.

Boarding schools in India have gained immense popularity in recent years, and many parents are choosing to send their children to boarding schools to give them a better education and a more disciplined life. In this article, we will list some of the best boarding schools in India.

Let’s find out the 7 Valuable Boarding Schools in India

  • The Doon School, Dehradun: The Doon School is a prestigious boys-only boarding school located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It was established in 1935 and has since then produced some of the most prominent figures in Indian society. The school offers an IB curriculum and has a strong focus on extracurricular activities.
  • Doon Sainik School, Dehradun: Doon Sainik School stands as the epitome of excellence among boarding schools in India. Founded by the esteemed Dr. Divya Soni, a distinguished Defence Officer, our institution, nestled in the serene foothills of Dehradun, is dedicated to nurturing young minds to excel academically and personally. As an affiliated with the CBSE Board, we offer comprehensive preparation for various entrance exams including RIMC, RMS, Sainik, Military School, NEET, NDA, and IIT through our renowned Super 30 Batch. We believe in holistic education, fostering not just academic excellence but also character building. Our picturesque campus provides the perfect backdrop for students to thrive, surrounded by the beauty of the Himalayas. Join us on a journey of growth and achievement, as we equip our students to overcome the challenges of tomorrow with confidence and resilience.
  • Mayo College, Ajmer: Mayo College is a boys-only boarding school located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. The school was established in 1875 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious boarding schools in India. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has a strong focus on sports and extracurricular activities.
  • Bishop Cotton School, Shimla: Bishop Cotton School is a boys-only boarding school located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The school was established in 1859 and is one of the oldest boarding schools in Asia. The school follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum and has a strong focus on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  • The Lawrence School, Sanawar: The Lawrence School is a co-educational boarding school located in Sanawar, Himachal Pradesh. The school was established in 1847 and is one of the oldest and most prestigious boarding schools in India. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has a strong focus on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  • Scindia School, Gwalior: The Scindia School is a boys-only boarding school located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The school was established in 1897 and is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in India. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and has a strong focus on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  • Rishi Valley School, Chittoor: The Rishi Valley School is a co-educational boarding school located in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. The school was established in 1926 and is known for its progressive education system. The school follows the ICSE and ISC curriculum and has a strong focus on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities.


In conclusion, boarding schools in India offer a unique learning experience that can help students develop a sense of independence, discipline, and self-confidence. The schools listed above are some of the best boarding schools in India and are known for their academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and overall development of students.

About the RIMC school

Rashtriya Indian Military College is a special College in India. Boys and girls can join this school, and many students here dream of joining the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and later on, the Indian Armed Forces. Students from RIMC often achieve top ranks in the military of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

This school was started in 1901, and since then, many students have successfully pursued their dreams of joining the Armed Forces. With its long history and proud heritage, RIMC can be a great choice for your child’s aspirations.


Each year, Rashtriya Indian Military College chooses students from across India using a big test called the RIMC Entrance Exam. This test happens twice a year in every state. If you pass this test, you also need to pass a medical fitness test before you can join the school. The school picks about 50 students each year, admitting them into the eighth grade in two groups.

Documents Required

You must accompany your application form with the following documents:

  1. Two passport-sized photos
  2. Domicile certificate
  3. Birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation or Gram Panchayat
  4. SC/ST certificate (if applicable)
  5. Transfer certificate from your previous school
  6. Certificate from the previous school’s principal, confirming your date of birth.


If you wish to enroll your child in RIMC, remember that they should be in the seventh grade and between 11.5 and 13 years old when the term starts.

Entrance Examination

The Rashtriya Indian Military College entrance exam has three parts. First, there’s a written test with English (125 marks), Mathematics (200 marks), and General Knowledge (75 marks). To pass, students need at least 50% in each subject.

In the second step, those who pass the written test have a Viva-Voce, a discussion worth 50 marks. This checks your child’s intelligence, personality, and confidence. The last step is a medical test, which is crucial for the final selection.

Achieve success in the Entrance Exam on your first attempt

When students embark on their journey of preparing for the RIMC Entrance exam, their primary concern revolves around whether they can successfully pass the exam on their initial attempt. This poses a significant challenge for both students and their parents. At this critical juncture, Doon Sainik School emerges as a reliable ally. Renowned as the premier RIMC Coaching institute in Dehradun, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your success. Our esteemed faculty, coupled with top-notch study materials, over 100 mock tests, sample papers, and practice papers, will assist you in your rigorous preparation.

We diligently monitor your progress on a weekly basis through regular tests and assignments, enabling you to stay on track throughout an extended duration.

Our expert teachers adeptly identify students’ areas of weakness and commence targeted remedial measures from the very first day. This results in a guaranteed selection into the esteemed Rashtriya Indian Military College on your inaugural attempt.

Top Rimc Coaching Institute in Dehradun 2024

In this new year, Doon Sainik School is gearing up for an exciting journey ahead! Our coaching program, led by the experienced Mrs. Divya Soni, offers a unique and effective approach for one-day preparation tailored specifically for RMS, Sainik School, and RIMC.

Human Touch

One of the standout features of our coaching is the personal touch embedded in our human resources. With Mrs. Divya Soni’s guidance, our team of teachers is not just skilled but also deeply committed to ensuring the overall development and preparedness of each student.

Tailored Curriculum and Mock Tests

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to align with the patterns of Sainik School, RMS, and RIMC examinations. Regular mock tests form an integral part of our strategy, allowing students to assess their strengths and weaknesses. This approach helps them gain confidence and work on specific areas that need improvement.

Personalized Support System

At the heart of our coaching philosophy is the belief in providing personalized support. Mrs. Divya Soni’s individual coaching sessions with teachers ensure that each student’s unique needs are addressed. This approach enables us to create a supportive environment where students feel confident in their abilities.

In summary, Doon Sainik School Coaching, under the mentorship of Mrs. Divya Soni, stands out for its dedication to preparing students for RMS, Sainik School, and RIMC. Our goal is not just academic success but the holistic development of each student. As we embark on this educational journey in the new year, we are committed to making it a stepping stone towards success for every student who walks through our doors. With a focus on personalized attention, tailored curriculum, and a supportive environment, we are confident in our ability to guide students towards achieving their goals in these prestigious examinations. Here’s to a year filled with growth, learning, and success for all our students!

Mrs. Divya Soni (Director)
Doon Sainik School & Doon Sainik Academy


The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) in Dehradun is a special school that helps students prepare for careers in the Indian Armed Forces. Established in 1922, RIMC is recognized by CBSE and managed by the Ministry of Defence. It offers a curriculum to prepare cadets for the UPSC examination, which is the entry point for the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA). In this overview, we’ll explore the school’s structure, admission process, and tips for preparing for the challenging entrance exam.

RIMC Overview

RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Military College) has a high success rate in sending students to the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA). The school divides the five-year cadet program into ten terms, with well-equipped facilities for academics and extracurricular activities. The admission process is selective, beginning in the 8th grade, and the school emphasizes physical fitness, discipline, and communication skills.

Admission Process

To join RIMC, students apply in the 8th grade, with one vacancy per state and a maximum of 25 vacancies per term. Girls are now allowed to apply, with five vacancies available on an All India basis. The application form and prospectus can be obtained from RIMC, and candidates undergo a tough entrance exam that includes subjects like Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge.

Preparation for Entrance Exam

Preparing for the RIMC entrance exam requires a strategic approach. The written exam is challenging, covering a wide syllabus. A two-year preparation model is recommended, starting from Class 5. The first year can include preparation for Sainik School and Rashtriya Military School entrance exams, followed by focused RIMC preparation in the second year. Various subject-specific tips are provided for English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Interview and Results

Candidates who clear the entrance exam undergo a Viva Voce test, evaluating intelligence and personality. The minimum pass percentage for the interview is 50%. Successful candidates then undergo a medical examination at selected Military Hospitals. The final merit list is published on the RIMC website.

Expert Tips

English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge each have specific tips for preparation, including recommended books and study materials. Additionally, miscellaneous points for both students and parents are highlighted, covering aspects like time management, physical fitness, and seeking professional help for understanding the exam process.

With proper planning, preparation, and collaborative effort from parents, students, and teachers, success in the RIMC exam is achievable in the first attempt. Starting early, consistent effort, and following the provided guidance are keys to success in this prestigious entrance exam.

In the heart of every young dreamer lies the potential to become a leader, a hero, a guardian of the nation. For those aspiring to wear the uniform and serve their country, the journey starts with a vision, determination, and the right guidance. This is where coaching steps onto the stage, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future military leaders of tomorrow.

The Essence of Coaching

Imagine coaching as a guiding hand, gently steering young minds toward their dreams of military service. It provides a structured approach, offering insights, knowledge, and the necessary skills that extend beyond textbooks. Coaching becomes the compass, pointing aspiring candidates toward the path of leadership.

Build Strong Foundations

Coaching acts as the architect, constructing a solid foundation for success. It goes beyond mere exam preparation, instilling values such as discipline, integrity, and resilience. These qualities are the bedrock upon which future military leaders stand, ready to face challenges with unwavering strength.

Expertise That Matters

The expertise embedded in coaching programs is akin to a treasure trove. Experienced mentors, often with a military background, share their knowledge, insights, and real-world experiences. This wealth of information goes beyond academic requirements, providing a holistic understanding of military life and responsibilities.

Strategic Approaches to Entrance Exams

Entrance exams for military academies are no small feat, and coaching equips candidates with strategic approaches. From mastering the art of time management to tackling tricky questions, coaching hones the skills necessary for success in these rigorous exams. It’s the preparation ground where potential leaders transform into confident, exam-savvy individuals.

The Role of Coaching in Mentorship

Coaching is not just about imparting information, it’s about mentorship that inspires. Personalized guidance and support from mentors who understand the challenges of a military career create an environment where aspirations flourish. Mentors become beacons of inspiration, guiding young minds through the maze of doubts and uncertainties.

Leadership Qualities

Beyond academic prowess, coaching nurtures the essential qualities of a leader. It emphasizes teamwork, effective communication, and the ability to make sound decisions under pressure. These qualities go beyond the exam room, preparing candidates for the dynamic challenges they will face as military leaders.

A Journey Beyond Exams

The coaching journey extends beyond exam-centric learning. It imparts life skills crucial for military service – skills like adaptability, camaraderie, and a strong sense of duty. As candidates absorb these lessons, they’re not just preparing for an exam; they are preparing for a way of life.

In the grand tapestry of aspiring military leaders, coaching is the artisan brush that adds precision, depth, and color. It transforms raw potential into refined excellence, shaping not just exam-takers but future guardians of the nation. The role of coaching in crafting these leaders is nothing short of extraordinary, laying the groundwork for a legacy of service, honor, and leadership.

We Doon Sainik School in guidance of Mrs. Divya Soni, prepare students to lead as officers in the Defence Services of the country. Our Institute select smart and promising students through a national entrance examination and, through their dedicated coaching programs, mold their personalities. The aim is clear: to shape these young minds into leaders poised to serve and safeguard the nation with honor and distinction.

If your sole aspiration is to serve the nation and you are eager to face the challenges of joining the Defense Forces of India, RIMC stands out as the ideal starting point. Admission to RIMC necessitates successfully clearing the biannual entrance examination. Selection at RIMC is exclusively determined by the candidates’ performance in this entrance exam. Established with the vision of producing officers with gentlemanly qualities, Doon Sainik School serves as the primary training institute for Sainik School, Military School, and RIMC Dehradun. It offers top-notch RIMC coaching both online and offline.

We concentrate on nurturing students and refining their comprehensive skills to assist them in successfully passing the exam. We furnish students with all the necessary resources for the examination, encompassing study materials, mock tests, previous year question papers with solutions, and, significantly, guidance from former army officers.


The Rashtriya Indian Military College administers the entrance examination biannually to select candidates for enrollment in RIMC and prepare them for careers in defense services. It’s important to note that applications are specifically invited from boys. The application form can be obtained either from the RIMC website,, or directly from the college campus.

Admissions are restricted to class VIII, and candidates must be at least 11½ years old and not have reached the age of 13 by January 1st or July 1st of the term they are joining.


SubjectMaximum Marks – 50%
English125 Marks
Mathematics200 Marks
General Knowledge75 Marks


The Viva Voce, which carries 50 marks, is exclusively held for candidates who successfully pass the written exam. To qualify, candidates must achieve a minimum of 50% marks in each paper. Failure to attain this threshold in any paper results in disqualification. The admission selection process is entirely based on merit.


Candidates who pass the written exam and interview proceed to undergo a medical examination, exclusively administered at a designated military hospital. Only candidates deemed medically fit are eligible for admission to RIMC.


Doon Sainik School boasts highly skilled mentors and subject specialists utilizing effective teaching methodologies to impart understanding from fundamental to advanced concepts. At the heart of Doon Sainik School’s ethos is a commitment to witness the success of every candidate. In recent times, we have nurtured numerous talented individuals poised to become the future leaders of society. Our approach to RIMC coaching adheres to the highest standards in academics, co-curricular activities, and sports, mirroring the benchmarks set by RIMC. We are dedicated to ensuring candidates’ academic excellence, fostering intellectual growth, and instilling ethical values that not only pave the way for a successful career but also mold them into constructive contributors to the nation.

  • Doon Sainik School was established with the goal of producing refined officers and serving as a crucial preparatory institution for Sainik School, Military School, and RIMC Dehradun. The school focuses on enhancing students’ critical and creative skills to ensure success in both exams and interviews.
  • Faculty members at Doon Sainik School meticulously identify students’ weak areas and actively work on clarifying doubts to address specific subject weaknesses. A proficient team of trainers compiles comprehensive study materials, and the faculty ensures consistent practice through mock tests and assignments.
  • The learning experience includes doubt-clearing sessions and discussions on previous years’ papers, fostering a deeper understanding of the actual exam. Recognizing that merely qualifying for the written exam is insufficient for RIMC admission, the school offers exclusive sessions for interview preparation.
  • Given the importance of physical fitness for RIMC selection, dedicated teachers focus on physical training to prepare students for the mandatory medical test. As part of their offline RIMC coaching, students have access to a library and a computer lab equipped with wifi.
  • To cater to individual needs, Doon Sainik School provides various courses and coaching programs. Students seeking extensive preparation can opt for the full-year course, while those requiring revision guidance have the option of a six-month or three-month crash course.

The interview round stands as a pivotal phase in the admission process at Rashtriya Military Schools, offering a window for the school authorities to evaluate candidates beyond academic achievements. This segment assesses a candidate’s personality, communication skills, leadership potential, and overall suitability for a military education. To enhance your likelihood of success, meticulous preparation for the interview is imperative.

In this blog post, we will delve into effective strategies and tips to assist you in gearing up for the interview round at Rashtriya Military Schools. Drawing insights from Doon Sainik School, a distinguished institution specializing in coaching for Rashtriya Military School admissions, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance.

Research the School and Its Values

Begin your preparation by delving into the history, values, and ethos of the Rashtriya Military School you’ve applied to. Understand the school’s achievements, notable alumni, and emphasis on specific activities. This knowledge will enable you to demonstrate genuine interest and alignment with the school’s mission. Leveraging resources from Doon Sainik School can further enrich your understanding.

Develop Self-Awareness

Reflect on your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and aspirations. Identify unique qualities and experiences that render you a suitable candidate for a military education. Acknowledge areas for improvement and emphasize your eagerness to learn and grow. Self-awareness will empower you to respond to interview questions with confidence and authenticity, and Doon Sainik School offers guidance through self-assessment exercises.

Practice Interview Questions

Hone your interview skills by practicing frequently asked questions at Rashtriya Military Schools. Anticipate queries about your background, interests, hobbies, leadership experiences, teamwork, and career goals. Craft concise, clear responses that authentically reflect your values. Doon Sainik School provides valuable support through mock interviews and constructive feedback to refine your answers.

Enhance Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Military schools place significant value on leadership potential and teamwork abilities. Share examples from your past experiences that showcase leadership skills, such as leading a team project or organizing events. Discuss collaboration, conflict resolution, and goal achievement. Doon Sainik School can guide you on effectively presenting these experiences during the interview.

Improve Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are paramount for military education. Practice clear, confident articulation, and work on maintaining eye contact, proper body posture, and active listening. Hone your ability to express thoughts concisely and effectively. Doon Sainik School offers communication skills training and mock interview sessions to enhance your overall communication abilities.

Updated on Current Affairs and GK

Be well-informed about current affairs, especially those relevant to the military and national security. Stay updated on defense-related issues, recent developments, and national and international events. This knowledge not only showcases your awareness but also underscores your genuine interest in military affairs. Doon Sainik School provides study materials and guidance to help you stay informed and up-to-date.


Preparing for the interview round at Rashtriya Military Schools demands comprehensive research, self-reflection, and honed communication skills. By researching the school, developing self-awareness, practicing interview questions, demonstrating leadership and teamwork skills, improving communication abilities, and staying updated on current affairs, you can confidently approach the interview.

With the guidance and expertise of Doon Sainik School, you can further refine your preparation, increasing your chances of success in the interview and securing admission in RMS.

RIMC Preparation Tips

Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) stands as a prestigious institution for grooming future leaders of the Indian Defense forces. For parents aspiring to see their children pursue a career in the armed forces, supporting them in preparing for the All India Entrance Examination (AIEE) for RIMC is paramount. This blog outlines specific ways parents can actively contribute to their child’s success in the challenging endeavor.

1. Creating a Positive Exam Environment at Home

Maintaining a positive atmosphere is crucial. Encourage freedom, avoid comparisons with other children, and emphasize the importance of giving their best rather than focusing solely on results. Remind them that exams are a part of the learning process.

2. Helping Your Child Study Effectively

Ensure a stress-free and distraction-free study environment. Tailor your support to your child’s preferences, helping them strike a balance between study and rest. Assist in creating a study timetable and stress the importance of breaks to prevent burnout.

3. Managing Stress and Anxiety

Acknowledge the pressure that comes with exams and work to alleviate it. Provide emotional support, reassure them, and emphasize that stress and anxiety hinder rather than help in achieving good results.

5. Study Plan

Assist in developing a detailed study plan based on the syllabus. This plan serves as a roadmap for preparation, incorporating a balance between known and unknown subjects.

6. Practice Exams

Highlight the importance of practice exams. Explore online platforms or local bookstores for mock test series designed for the RIMC exam. Regular practice enhances familiarity with the exam format and boosts confidence.

7. Preparing for the Interview

Acknowledge the importance of the interview round. Ensure your child is well-versed in relevant subjects, stays updated with current affairs through daily newspaper reading, and possibly watches YouTube videos on interview preparation.


As a parent, your role extends beyond just supporting exam preparation. You serve as a role model, inspiring and motivating your child through your actions. Create a positive and conducive environment where they can flourish, ensuring they have the freedom to pursue their dreams. Your guidance is instrumental in shaping their success not only in exams but also in life.

Best Day Boarding School In Dehradun


In the pursuit of academic excellence and holistic development, the choice of a day boarding school plays a pivotal role. This decision lays the foundation for a student’s formative years, influencing their intellectual growth, character development, and overall well-being. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the key considerations and criteria essential for identifying the best day boarding school in dehradun and your quest for educational excellence.

Academic Distinction

The hallmark of a distinguished day boarding school is its academic prowess. Investigate the school’s curriculum, teaching methodologies, and the qualifications of its faculty. The Doon Sainik School academic foundation provides students with the tools necessary for future success and personal growth.

Holistic Development

Education extends beyond textbooks- it encompasses the development of a well-rounded individual. Look for schools that prioritize extracurricular activities, sports, arts, and community service. A holistic approach fosters a balanced growth that goes beyond the confines of the classroom.

Infrastructure and Facilities

An optimal learning environment requires state-of-the-art facilities. Evaluate the school’s infrastructure, including classrooms, laboratories, libraries, sports facilities, and technology resources. A well-equipped campus enhances the overall educational experience.

Safety and Security

Parents entrust schools with their children’s well-being, making safety and security paramount. Ensure that the school maintains stringent safety measures, including secure premises, trained staff, and a comprehensive emergency response plan.

Student-Centric Support

Doon Sainik School prioritize individualized attention and support for each student. Assess the school’s student-to-teacher ratio, counseling services, and the availability of resources for academic and personal development.


Selecting the best day boarding school is a significant decision that profoundly influences a student’s educational journey. By considering factors such as academic excellence, holistic development, infrastructure, safety, and student support, parents can embark on a journey to provide their children with an education that transcends traditional boundaries. As you navigate this critical decision, remember that the right choice today can pave the way for a future of limitless possibilities and accomplishments.

Unveiling Excellence: The Pinnacle of Boarding and Coaching in Dehradun for RIMC, RMS and Sainik School Preparations

In the picturesque foothills of the Himalayas lies a city that has become synonymous with academic excellence and character building – Dehradun. Among its illustrious institutions, Doon Sainik School stands out as a beacon of holistic education, shaping young minds to reach their fullest potential. Welcome to the best boarding and coaching school in Dehradun, a cradle of learning renowned for its unparalleled dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), Rashtriya Military School (RMS), and Sainik School entrance exams.

A Legacy of Excellence

At the heart of this esteemed institution lies a legacy of excellence that spans decades. The commitment to academic brilliance, coupled with a holistic approach to character development, has made it a powerhouse in the realm of boarding and coaching schools. The hallowed halls echo with the footsteps of leaders, scholars, and visionaries who once walked these very corridors, laying the foundation for a tradition of success.

The Academic Arsenal

Central to the success of this institution is its unwavering commitment to academic rigor. The faculty, a confluence of experienced educators and industry experts, is dedicated to sculpting young minds into adept scholars. The curriculum is not just a syllabus; it’s a comprehensive guide that goes beyond textbooks, instilling in students a deep understanding of the subjects that extends beyond the confines of the examination hall.

The school’s coaching program for RIMC, RMS, and Sainik School entrances is unparalleled. It goes beyond rote learning, focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective time management – skills that are not only essential for entrance exams but also for life beyond academia.

Beyond the Classroom

Education here is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. The school believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and thus, a plethora of co-curricular activities awaits every student. From sports to arts, leadership programs to community service, students are encouraged to explore their passions, fostering a sense of self-discovery and personal growth.

Boarding Redefined

Boarding life is an integral part of the transformative journey offered by this institution. The residential facilities are not merely dormitories; they are homes where camaraderie is forged, and a sense of belonging is instilled. The hostel life is a melting pot of diverse cultures, fostering friendships that last a lifetime. Under the guidance of experienced housemasters and caring staff, students develop a sense of responsibility and independence, essential traits for success in the real world.

Success Stories

The success stories that emanate from Doon Sainik School are not just about academic achievements but also about character, discipline, and leadership. Alumni have gone on to excel in various fields, be it the armed forces, entrepreneurship, or public service. Their journeys stand testament to the solid foundation laid during their formative years in this esteemed institution.


In the realm of boarding and coaching schools in Dehradun, Doon Sainik School stands tall as the epitome of excellence. Beyond academics, it molds individuals who are not only well-prepared for the challenges of RIMC, RMS, and Sainik School entrance exams but are also equipped to navigate the complexities of life with confidence and grace. Choosing this school is not just a step towards academic success. it is an investment in a transformative educational experience that lasts a lifetime.

Top RIMC Boarding School

RIMC or Rashtriya Indian Military College is a reputed public school situated in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand. Dehradun city is known for best schools and RIMC is one among those schools. Doon Sainik School provides best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun to make child future in Defence.RIMC is one of the finest schools in Dehradun in terms of infrastructure, education system and discipline. RIMC came into existence in 1922. RIMC has made various success stories in different fields such as Defence, Ambassador, Governors etc. The primary objective of RIMC is to choose the best candidates for NDA/ NAVAC.

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The Doon sainik school lays stress on sports for the overall physical and mental development of all students.Sports activities like football, Swimming pool, handball, kho-kho, and badminton and PT form an integral part of the school routine. Indoor sports facilities in our hostel consisting of carrom, chess, etc, also exist in the Classes. The school Kingston also has a well-maintained athletic track, football, volleyball, and basketball grounds.Cadets get a chance to participate in various Inter School, Inter Section, District Level Swimming Competition. College has a full Olympic Size Swimming Pool, with a 10 meter Diving platform.

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Day Boarding School

Day boarding school comes under one of the best schools in India. Many students wish to get admission in the school to fulfil their dream of getting success in different fields such as Engineering, Medical, teaching etc. The school offered facilities for a comfortable stay of the students and their peaceful study. It provides a great opportunity for those students who want join Day boarding school Coaching in Dehradun and also help financial help for their studies. The education in day boarding school in Dehradun is free including boarding, uniforms, books & notebooks etc.

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