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Principal Madam
Faculty of sainik school

~MA (Public Administration) & B.Ed , PGCTE (Assistant Master) was honored with the National Awardfor Teachers, 2011.
~The Indian Education Award 2019 - The award was presented to her at New Delhi on the occasion of the Teacher's Day, by her Excellency, Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician.
~GS Faculty for Army Cadet in KV IMA (Dehradun).
~UPSC(Civil Services) Prelims Qualified
~Grade in NCC C Certificate
~National Player in Judo & Kho-Kho
~Divya Soni, director of Doon Sainik School, is currently the course mentor of 42 brigade HRDC unit of army education Corps Ex-senior Faculty of RIMC. Till end of November 2021 the learned and experienced faculty of Doon Sainik School have been the course mentors of the fore NDA batch in KV IMA.

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Best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun

Origin to the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, inaugurated on 13th March 1922 byhis Royal Highness, Prince Edward VIII the Prince of Wales . The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a public school for boys situated in Doon Valley, Dehradun in India. The RIMC is a feeder institution for the National Defence Academy, Indian Naval academy and subsequently the Indian Armed Forces Rimcollian. Read More..

Best Military School

Candidates should have passed Class V for Cass VI from a govt/recognized school before thedate of admission to a Rashtriya military school. However, a student studying in Class V iseligible to appear in the respective Entrance Test. Read More..

Best Sainik School Coaching in Dehradun

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About Sainik School

The objective of the Sainik Schools is to prepare the students to lead as officers in the DefenceServices of the country. The schools select smart and promising students through a nationalentrance examination and mould their personality in order for them to become leaders of the Nation. Read More..

Online Preparation for Sainik School Admission

About Sainik School:

Sainik Schools are residential schools for males that specialize in military-biased public education. The schools are financed by both federal and state money and are connected with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

With the primary objective of preparing boys academically, physically, and emotionally for admission to the National Defense Academy, the project to build Sainik Schools was initiated in 1961.

Preparation Method:

The Sainik School Preparation tips and tactics have assisted many students in overcoming their fear of failure, comprehending the theories and subjects from the ground up, and developing a newfound sense of self-confidence. To make learning enjoyable, they also make learning simpler and incorporate fun into it.

From sample test series papers for class 10 to online video lectures for the Sainik School class 6 entrance exam, there are many more. No matter what academic level they are in, all students require this comprehensive set of resources, which includes study videos, advice, example papers, practice exams, quizzes, and more. For additional details, get in touch with us.

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Online Preparation for Sainik School :

You must plan thoroughly. Each subject must be given the appropriate amount of time according to your schedule. Planning well is the first and most crucial stage in preparation for the Sainik School Entrance Exam. Create a schedule that allows for enough time for each subject. You can spend more time on the subjects that are challenging for you.

Understand the exam structure:

Exam structure comprehension is crucial. As you must get ready for the exam, this is necessary. Understanding the exam structure is essential for effective exam preparation. You can gather information for your exam once you’ve created the schedule. It is necessary to know the exam’s format, amount of questions, weighting system, syllabus, etc.

Exam syllabus:

You need to be aware of the exam curriculum if you wish to pass the entrance exam. You need to prepare for the exam using the right syllabus. Additionally, plan your schedule based on the syllabus. Your ability to manage each subject is aided by the schedule.

Make sure all of your notions are clear:

 You won’t be able to answer difficult or advanced queries if your fundamentals are weak. Discuss all of the foundational ideas for each subject. You must be conscious of your strong points and weakness.  Work on your areas of weakness and pay careful attention to each subject. To achieve greater results, practice more. You should only go on to questions with more complexity once you have mastered those ideas. You must be conceptually knowledgeable in order to answer the more difficult questions.

Practice prior year papers and mock exams:

If you want to succeed in the Sainik School entrance exam. Mock tests and previous year papers are essential to passing the exam. You won’t be able to pass the admission exam if you don’t practice. By taking practice exams and tackling papers from prior years, you can gauge your progress. Test your progress by giving it a go exactly like the real exam. The harder/weaker exam portions can then be worked on as necessary.

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Take notes for the exam:

It will be beneficial for you if you do. You must use these notes to revise the whole course syllabus. Prepare your notes based on the exam’s outline. Every student should be aware of both their strong and weak areas when preparing for a test. Determine the topics and subjects you have the greatest trouble with if you are unable to identify your areas of weakness.  Make notes on everything you discuss. You can read them whenever you choose, and it will aid in speedy revision. You learn things better by writing about them.

Time management:

Organizing your time effectively is a crucial part of getting ready for the entrance exam. You may be aware that you have a finite amount of time to complete the exam.

For time management:

You should therefore practice mock exams and previous year’s papers. You will be able to evaluate the amount of time spent on a particular question in this way. You should also practice writing quickly.

Study resources:

In accordance with the most recent syllabus, you must study from the best literature. For the most recent syllabi, please click on our app. Purchase the most recent edition of a book or a Sainik School practice exam. We advise every aspirant to choose the best study resources for exam preparation. Verify again that all of the contents of any exam book match the most recent syllabus before making a purchase.

Tuition class: To solidify your foundation and clarify your notions, you can also enroll in a tuition class. For more information, check out our online course for the Sainik school.

Reading materials suggested for class 9th-grade preparation:

  • Arihant’s book 2022 from Sainik School Class 9.
  • Arihant’s AISSEE Paper 1, Paper 2, and Solved Papers for Class IX.
  • The Arihant Hindi translation of the Sainik School Class 9 Guide 2022.
  • Sainik School Entrance Exam Solved Papers for Class IX, published by Ramesh Publications.

What will be covered in the class 6:

The subjects listed below are for sixth grade:

1. Mathematical

2. GK (SST & Science) (SST & Science)

3. Language, Fourth, Intelligence


Therefore, if you want to pass the exam, these pointers and Sainik tutoring will help you. You can use these techniques to pass the admission exam with flying colors. In order to prepare for Online Preparation for Sainik School , it is vital to practice Sainik School previous year papers.

RIMC Previous Year Subject wise Paper

A prestigious institution that influences the careers of thousands of students in India is the Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun. The subject matter of this article is RIMC Previous Year Question Paper. In summary, there are shortcuts and pointers for completing the paper as quickly and easily as possible. You can also use the past 10 years’ worth of RIMC’s solved question papers to gauge your progress.

According to the sources, RIMC will hold its entrance exam for the academic year 2023–2024 on December.  The strain and tension among students will be at an all-time high as examinations will draw near. But all of your questions about the entrance exam are answered in this post.

RIMC Class 8th admission

The information on the entrance exam has been posted on RIMC’s official website, A student who wants admission to this university, however, has the option of submitting their forms via the offline technique. Actually, students can initially gauge the difficulty by simply reading the test questions for military schools. By going to their website, they must file the same to the State Public Service Commission.

According to the advertisement, it can be found in both cities and small towns, or occasionally in state capitals. Therefore, by contacting the State Public Service Commission, each student may take the exam.

The RIMC candidates who want to enroll in the school for Class 8th can take their individual entrance exam starting in December. Therefore, for their assistance, they can look at the RIMC Solved Papers Free download. The States and Union Territories are in charge of processing the student applications up until the deadline. For students who fall under the General category, there is a low admission fee of INR. 600.

Eligibility for RIMC Class 8th Admission

According to regulation, students cannot be admitted until they are at least 11 years old. However, the age requirement is such that kids cannot turn 13 in July in order to be admitted. Candidates must also be in Class 7th, and if not, they must at least present their Class 7th pass certificate from a reputable institution. After that, it is generally beneficial to look over the PDF Rashtriya Military School Question Papers. When admitting fresh batches, the Military College abides by all applicable laws and regulations.

Whatever it might be that the RIMC last 10 years previous Year’s Question papers gives a rough idea to the students regarding the question pattern of this institute. Although they can sleep peacefully without worrying about the Entrance,  they have to make sure that their admission process gets smooth. For that purpose, they have to ensure that, Birth certificates, domiciles, Caste certificates, photographs, and other certificates are kept handy always.

  • RIMC Entrance Exam Maths Question Papers 2022 – Click Here
  • RIMC Entrance Exam English Question Papers 2022 – Click Here

What are the benefits of solving RIMC Previous Year Question Paper

Here are several key advantages that students can gain by answering RIMC Question Papers from prior years. Particularly useful are the past ten years’ question papers from RIMC. Are you curious? So let’s explore it in depth.

A thorough understanding of the question pattern is required

The most important aspect of determining the depth of an examination is becoming familiar with the exam format. Any student can comprehend the amount of effort required for the exam by solving the question papers for the military school entrance exam. Because of this, it is necessary to prepare the papers from prior years.

Consistency is the key

A well-known fact, yes? However, it’s a fact that the key to passing any test is practice. Knowing how to solve random problems is distinct from having a firm understanding of RIMC Previous Year Question Paper. Simply said, you can identify your preparation gaps and draw lessons from your errors. One can see their weaknesses while practicing, allowing them to improve at any time.


The best strategy for passing the entrance exam is to master time management. The main rule for succeeding in the exam is that the student must value time in order to make the most of it. Then, if one solves the question papers from prior years in a methodical manner, time can be easily managed.

When doing this, one must realize that this should be done in the same manner as the main examination. Only then will there be a greater likelihood of receiving good marks. Your productivity would therefore reach its peak in that manner.

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Properly evaluating oneself

The students must possess the bravery to evaluate themselves as as accurately as possible as soon as you decide to administer an exam. Before the curriculum is finished and the main themes are covered, this can be done. However, the question paper says a lot throughout this stage of preparation. The student must consult the Rashtriya PDF and attempt to gauge their level of proficiency by self-evaluation. Small tips, strategies, goals, and ideas can be permanently stored in your brain in this way.

Know what to avoid

You can avoid some unnecessary stuff while preparation. The tough part involves recognizing which part to skip and going accordingly. As every single topic doesn’t have much importance or chances of popping in the examination so skipping can help. For example, the student cannot learn all the things included in the GA Syllabus. So, if skipped this can help them to focus on the important topics more. Therefore, smartness while studying the topics counts a lot in giving the exam in a good way. 

Be self-confident

In addition to giving you a preview of the tests, solving the question papers from ten years ago also strengthens your self-confidence. It gives you the impression that you can ace the test and do exceptionally well. Your confidence and performance immediately increase as your mind prepares for the test.

Important Tips to solve the RIMC Previous Year Question Papers

  • Knowing the methods for resolving RIMC entrance test question papers from prior years can be a prudent move as the exams are rapidly approaching.
  • Learn the solutions first, then take your time to comprehend the questions. Understanding the notion is quite helpful in this regard.
  • Make a goal to complete all of the questions from previous exams in one sitting. Never take a rest during the exam period.
  • Try your hardest on the question papers from prior years.
  • After you have submitted your final answer sheet, try to refrain from trying the answer again. Simply act as though you are administering a legitimate test.
  • Making a solid plan for which questions to attempt for the first time distribution for a specific subject is the last but not the least important step.

Full Explaination : Who is the best RIMC or RMS?

About RIMC:

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a Ministry of Defense-affiliated Inter Service Category “A” establishment run by the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) (MoD). His Royal Highness, Prince Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales, officially opened the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College on March 13, 1922. At the time, it was situated on the grounds of the former Imperial Cadet Corps (also known as Rajwada Camp), which was situated amidst 138 acres of verdant farmland close to Garhi Village in the Dehradun Cantonment. The Prince of Wales said during his address to the first 37 Cadets: “It is the first strokes on the anvil of life that give the human weapon the set and temper that they endow the human weapon with the disposition and fortitude needed to combat life’s challenges. The Prince also alluded to the long-standing “Guru and Chela” custom in India. The culture of RIMC is built on a foundation of mutual love and devotion.


RIMC has a lengthy and illustrious history. Many military and civilian leaders of the society have graduated from the College over the years. There are numerous officers of the General/Flag/Air rank commanding operational commands, fleets, corps, wings, and divisions on both sides of the border, including four Chiefs of Army Staff and two Chiefs of Air Staff in India, one Commander-in-Chief of the Army, and two Chiefs of Air Staff in Pakistan. In addition, numerous high-ranking civilian officials, including governors, ambassadors, ministers, and captains of industry, have entered the RIMC. In order to serve as motivating beacons for today’s young students, portraits of these luminaries are strategically placed on our walls.

List of the military schools in India:

>Rashtriya Military School, Chail

>Ajmer Military School

>Bangalore Military School

>Belgaum Military School

>Dholpur Military School

About RMS:

The Ministry of Defence operates Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS), which are residential public schools with an English language that serve students in Classes VI through XII. These institutions are among the original participants in the Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC). These schools were among the first public schools in India when they opened their doors in 1925. Five Rashtriya Military Schools (RMS) can be found at Belgaum, Bengaluru, Ajmer, and the Shimla Hills in Chail, Himachal Pradesh; Ajmer and Dholpur, Rajasthan; and Chail in the Shimla Hills, Rajasthan. Through a Common Entrance Test (CET) administered by the Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence, cadets are admitted into Classes VI and IX (Army).


 King George’s Royal Indian Military Schools, now known as Rashtriya Military Schools, were established to provide for the education of the sons of military officers. The schools were reformed along public school lines in 1952, and both civilian and military service officer’s kids were eligible for entrance. The school joined the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC) in 1954 and has remained an active member ever since. The original motto, “Play the Game,” was replaced with “Sheelem Param Bhushanam,” which means Character is the Highest Virtue, when the institutions were renamed Military Schools in 1966. The schools received their current name, “Rashtriya Military School,” on June 25, 2007. Several of the school’s former students hold prominent positions in the military.

The Directorate General of Military Training at IHQ of MOD oversees the schools, which are category “A” establishments of the Army (Army). The Ministry of Defence’s Central Governing Council (CGC), which is led by the Defense Secretary, serves as these schools’ top administrative body.

List of the schools:

>Ajmer Military School

>Bangalore Military School

>Belgaum Military School

>Bhonsala Military School

>Central Hindu Military Education Society

>Chail Military School

>Dholpur Military School

>Military College Jhelum

>Rashtriya Indian Military College

>Sainik School, Kunjpura

>Sainik School, Rewari

>Sainik Schools

>Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School (Pune)  

Difference between RIMC and RMS:


1. It admits students for the eighth grade.

2. About 25 people are admitted at a time.

3. The admissions age range is between 11 and 13.5 years old.

4. The annual fee at RIMC is Rs 42,400.

5. Only one to two students from each state are accepted each year by RIMC.

6. The majority of RIMC students are chosen for NDA.


  1. It admits students for the sixth, ninth, and eleventh grades.
  • RMS is a Cat B institution, while RIMC is Cat A.

3. 80 places are available for the 6th grade at RMS, while 20 seats are available for the 9th grade.

4.  Age restrictions for entering the 6th grade are 10 to 11 years old, the 9th grade is 13 to 14 years old, and the 11th grade is 15 to 16 years old.

5 The selection rate in RMS is between 60 and 70%.

6.  The cost for a son of an OR (other ranks) is Rs 4,800 annually, a son of a JCO is Rs 7,200 annually, a son of an officer is Rs 15, 000 annually, and a son of a civilian is Rs 24, 000 annually.


Different curricula have been designed for the cadets in both. After read Who is the best RIMC or RMS? The primary objective of both institutions is to prepare the cadets (students are referred to as cadets here) for the armed forces.


Best Explanation – How to Join RIMC?

Every student has this question How to Join RIMC?

Dehradun is home to the RIMC College. It is a multiservice facility that reports to the Director General of Military Training at Army headquarters. Boys enrolled in eighth-grade classes are eligible to apply. The entrance exam is held on a national scale.

The institution provides education while preparing young boys (and also girls now) to join the Defense Forces. The college is approved by the CBSE. The NDA is successfully joined by many of the institution’s cadets each term. In this article, we are going to talk about how can your kid join the prestigious RIMC institution and give their future a superior platform.

How to Join RIMC in 2023?

Only class 8 is accepted for entrance. Candidates get two opportunities because there are two distinct periods each year beginning in July and January and July, respectively. The deadlines for the admissions will be announced in reputable newspapers and Employment News. Each semester, about 25 cadets are chosen. Typically, each State is given one position. However, two slots are given in some Provinces with a greater population.

The eligible students will receive their admit card earlier to the examinations after submitting an application for admission. Three distinct papers—English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge—are included in the written test, which is administered on the same day.

Qualified candidates move on to Viva-Voice Tests, or Interviews, when the results are revealed. Successful applicants here go through medical evaluations at military facilities, and depending on overall merit, their joining letter is subsequently provided.

What is the eligibility criteria for RIMC?

The RIMC eligibility requirements apply to boys who want to enrol in class 9. Your application will be cancelled if you do not meet the requirements. A few eligibility requirements are:

  • Girls can now apply to RIMC Dehradun as well.
  • The applicants must be enrolled in seventh grade or have graduated from seventh grade at an accredited institution.
  • The minimum age for students taking the RIMC entrance exam is 11.5 years old. They have to be 13 years old.

RIMC 2023 Admission Form and Process

The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Pin-24803, is where you can get the prospectus, application form, and booklet of previous test questions. The application form is available directly from the college. by the techniques listed.

Online Process: You can also purchase the brochure application form and booklet containing the previous exam questions from the RIMC website for Rs. 600 for general students and Rs. 555 for SC/ST applicants. Everything will be sent to you by fast post once payment has been received.

Offline Process (demand draft): Applicants must send their written request and cast certificate along with a DD for INR 600 for general applicants and Rs. 555 for SC/ST applicants. The demand draught is drawn out in favour of “The Commandant RIMC Dehradun” at the State Bank of India’s Drawee branch in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (Band Code 01576). The pin code and phone number should be included alongside the address, that should be entered or scribbled properly in capital letters.

RIMC 2023 Documents to be Submitted

  • A copy of the candidate’s aadhar card (both sides)
  • Two photos in passport size
  • Domicile Permit of the Candidate
  • SC/ST certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Original certificate signed by the principle, bearing a photograph and attesting the students’ names, ages, and classes

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RIMC 2023 Exam Pattern

Candidates must successfully complete the corresponding exam in order to apply for admission to this college. It is crucial to understand the format of the test. The exam includes the following:

Written exam: Three papers, to be exact, will make up the written section of the test.

SubjectMaximum Marks
General Knowledge75

Candidates may choose to answer the General Knowledge and Mathematics questions in Hindi or English.

Viva-Voce: When the exam is over, the interview date will be made public. Only applicants who complete the written exam will be invited to the interview, which must be passed with a minimum score of 50%. The State will notify the applicants of the interview day and location. The interview will measure the applicants’ intelligence and character.

Medical Examinations: The final applicants chosen following the viva-voce will be subjected to a medical exam at particular military hospitals, and only those judged to be medically stable will be regarded for selection and admission to the RIMC. The applicants’ medical examinations are just one component of the selection process; they do not signify the choice’s outcome. Applicants should not assume they have been chosen prior to receiving a call-up notice from the government.

RIMC Admissions 2023 Exam Centres

Exam centres are typically found in state capitals or in cities or towns where they are marketed. Applicants are recommended to often visit the RIMC’s official website. Additionally, the admit card includes information about the testing location.

RIMC 2023 Fees Structure

Candidates can examine the fee schedule on this page if they plan to enrol in the RIMC. The Central Government greatly subsidises the RIMC fee. It occasionally might go up. A security deposit needs to be paid at the time of entry. As soon as the lads pass out, this is repaid.

Yearly FeesINR 42,400 for General Candidates
Security DepositINR 30,000

RIMC 2023 Results

The entrance exam results were issued by Rashtriya Indian Military College. For RIMC admission, the results will be released by state. You’ll receive the outcome in pdf format. The results are available on the official website for applicants.

  • Students are deemed qualified if they receive at least 50% in each course.
  • A list of the names, total scores, and marks in each section is published per state.
  • Qualified students’ grades are not disclosed beforehand; they are revealed following the interview.
  • The shortlisted students are interviewed in their home states.

RIMC 2023 Scholarships

The state governments award the scholarships to a variety of deserving students. State-by-state variations in scholarship amounts range from 20,000 to 10,000 INR annually. Students are awarded the scholarship according to their performance, dedication, and merit.

Why you should join Dehradun Sainik School?

To help you understand the format of the exam, Dehradun Sainik School offers the Rimc previous year paper. You receive assistance from our knowledgeable professors to pass the exam with flying colours. On this website, you can access the past year’s papers from Rashtriya Indian Military College. You will be prepared for the tests with the help of our Rashtriya Indian Military College online course and revised syllabus. I hope after reading this article you have cleared your doubt about – How to Join RIMC?

Top Differences between Boarding School vs Normal Schools

Boarding school vs Day school? If you are thinking about switching your children’s private school, you might be curious about the distinctions between joining a boarding school and a local private day school.

It’s true that every school employs a different strategy to assist its students in achieving their objectives. Private day schools and boarding schools can be very distinct from one another while having sharing many parallels. Discover the key distinctions between boarding school and day school by reading the article down below.

Proximity to teachers is provided via boarding schools

Living close to your educational institution has several additional perks.

Private day high schools and boarding high schools are both renowned for their academic prowess and capacity to get pupils ready for college. Both kinds of schools encourage group projects and employ technology in the classroom to create a positive educational environment for both students and teachers.

Nevertheless, boarding institutions have a special characteristic when it relates to teacher-student interactions. Due to their extended campus presence, teachers in boarding schools are far more available to their students. Additionally, because they are more accessible to one another, students may form more frequent study groups after school.

Peer relationships can be forged more easily at boarding Schools

In high school, it’s typical for friendships to deepen via common memories, and plans to hang out with pals are frequently made outside of the classroom. But at boarding schools, students live with friends, faculty, and personnel, which makes high school an absolute blast.

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Co-curricular programs are emphasised in boarding schools

A student’s extracurricular activities are a significant component of their experience in high school in addition to their educational preparation.

Whatever activities children choose to take part in, they will make long-lasting memories with their peers. Their involvement in extracurricular activities will assist them in discovering their own interests and skills.

Because the possibilities are made for it, co-curricular activity for students at boarding schools, more than at a private schools, helps build connections, emotions, and abilities that will last a lifetime. For kids who desire to participate in extracurricular activities outside of school, there are options.

Boarding schools promote initiative and self-control

Throughout their time in high school, all kids progressively begin to learn how to be independent. Examples include working on class tasks without requesting a parent or guardian for assistance, travelling alone to sporting events, and attending events with friends. Freedom is something that students aspire to, and with independence comes the capacity for better time management.

In various methods, boarding school students are requested to accomplish this as soon as they enrol. Students at boarding schools like St. Lawrence Seminary High School are in charge of getting up for class, doing their own laundry, making sure they are attending their after-school activities, and completing their assignments and projects. For newcomers who are unfamiliar with the boarding school schedule, this might be a challenging task.

Boarding schools emphasise the importance of family ties

A student’s family is very important during their high school years. Families attend parent-teacher meetings, motivate and promote children’s extracurricular activities, and keep them companionship on a daily basis. Day school children may distance away from their families to attend events with friends as they attempt to become independent. Instead of visiting a relative’s home, they might prefer to hang out with their buddies.

Because they won’t regularly interact with their parents, siblings, or other family members, students who attend boarding schools frequently desire to do so when they return home.

At boarding school, children also establish a “second family”—a network of friends, teachers, and classmates—who offer them the everyday moral comfort that a family does. It could be more difficult than expected for a senior at a boarding school to wave farewell to their second family after completion.

Down below is a table of comparison between Boarding school vs Day School.

 Boarding SchoolPrivate Day School
DefinitionIn a boarding school, students both live and learn.  The ordinary school that students attend during the daytime is referred to as a day school.
HomeWeekends, holidays, and/or breaks see students returning home.  The students go back to their homes after class is ended.
Operational Hours24 hours8 to 9 hours per day
Time spend with FamilyOn weekends or during holidays, people typically visit family.Spend a lot of time with your relatives since you see them frequently.
DisciplineTop-notch Discipline in every aspectUsually less discipline as compared to Boarding schools
Pyschological and cognitive impactCould cause sadness and homesickness while separated from family.There are typically no issues resulting in homesickness or sadness brought on by it.
Connection with FamilyStudents could cut themselves off from their homes and families.  Due to daily contact, students have strong ties to their families and homes.


Day schools are the ones to choose if the parents desire a financially sensible educational alternative. But taking into account all the variables, boarding schools offer an all-encompassing education coupled with personal development that may be lacking in day schools. Therefore, boarding schools function better when there are no fee limits.

Why you should get admission to Boarding School?

What are the benefits of putting your child for Admission to Boarding School? She could certainly succeed in a day school setting. As they consider their alternatives for private schools, parents frequently ask themselves this question. In theory, you have chosen to send him to a private school. The only thing left to do is to iron out the specifics.

There are numerous benefits to attending boarding school. Just a few of the factors include the academics, the social activities, and the sports. There is however more.  Here are the top ten justifications for attending a boarding school.

The top ten justifications for boarding school

Healthy Education at Admission to Boarding School

You can provide your child with a flourishing educational environment by registering them in a boarding school. These schools provide students with unique educational opportunities that foster both their intellectual and personal development. Their lifelong benefits from these priceless abilities. They gain the ability to manage many tasks while learning at the same time.

Best Academic Facilities

Compared to private or day schools, boarding schools offer a more rigorous and structured education. Students are given a set study schedule so they can combine self-study with their normal coursework and be ready for other exams, such as board examinations for UG course entrance and Olympiad exams for junior division students. This setting enables the pupils to strengthen their intellectual foundation and build self-discipline.

Students will learn to take care of yourself

The chance to make numerous tiny steps approaching adulthood is one of the intrinsic advantages of boarding schools. It’s a network, so you have to learn how to collaborate with others. You begin to learn to take ownership of your acts because you’re constrained by some form of honour or disciplined code. A solid foundation for maturity will be established by the life lessons learnt at Delhi’s best-day Admission to Boarding School.

Great teachers with the exceptional teaching pedagogy

Teachers in boarding schools are typically credentialed in their fields. Many of these seasoned educators also hold professional degrees in their respective fields. Most people love what they teach and are enthusiastic about it for young folks. These gifted educators get to instruct without having to be traffic police or paper pushers like their public school counterparts because behavior is rarely an issue in boarding schools.

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Motivated Classmates

One obnoxious, apathetic kid can wreck an entire class. At school, your friends and family can have a huge impact. The benefit of boarding is that: 75% of kids said they were accompanied by engaged peers, as opposed to 71% of private day students and 49% of students in public schools. It’s likely that you will be prepared to study and thrive if your classmates are.

You will enjoy excellent sporting events and equipment.

The majority of boarding institutions feature top-notch athletic facilities. The variety of sports and groups is astounding. You may find anything here, from crew to basketball, squash to crew. Natatoria happen frequently. Equestrian amenities are also. Many boarding school gyms are so intense that they give the appearance of being mild corporate gyms. The senior teams are competing by travelling both locally and internationally.

The Libraries are well-stocked

Older, more renowned schools have traditional libraries, which are frequently better equipped than those found at many of the greatest institutions in our nation. Over the years, libraries have transformed into centres for media. In addition to all of the standard printed materials, a typical day boarding school bookstore will be equipped with the most recent technology.

You’ll be able to succeed in new environments

It is never simple to leave the nest. However, would that not make more sense to move a few years prior to beginning college? You will learn how to deal with life and all of its many highs and lows within a group of your colleagues who are experiencing the same things as you. Your professors, who are teachers rather than caretakers, are in charge of everything and are watching over everything.

Excellent arts facilities and programmes will be available to you

Most boarding schools offer opportunities in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, in short, anything and everything artistic. Several colleges and universities have outstanding performing arts venues and museums. Beautiful chapels still exist, many with choirs and magnificent pipe organs. You will have many chances to put your musical skills to use in choral music, bands, choruses, and jazz ensembles. For those who are artistically gifted, the art museums that many schools have obtained offer still another significant improvement.

Less Distractions More Studying

Boarding school is the best option for you if you wish to take your education seriously. You will be able to study for roughly twice as long as pupils who attend day schools since you will watch TV on average 4 hours fewer per week.

Boarding schools offer study halls every weeknight with staff and faculty on hand to advise and assist you with your studies, as well as throughout the school day. Don’t worry though, if learning isn’t your thing, you may use the study hall for free and gain rewards if you keep up excellent scores. The boarding school setting reduces interruptions and encourages concentration on what matters most.

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Classes are Small

In a class of 30–40 students in a public school, you probably won’t stand out unless you’re really gifted or awful. Either way, you will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. On the other hand, courses at a boarding school usually have between 10 and 15 students. In a class that size, it is impossible to hide. You need to take part. Your response will be requested of you.

In a boarding school, you will never be considered a mere number. In general, boarding schools are not very big. There are some with 1,000 pupils, like Exeter. However, the majority have between 350 and 500 students as their student body.

More Freedom and Independence

Although staying away from home might be difficult, boarding students develop a sense of maturity and confidence exceeding their age. Students don’t learn certain aspects of daily life until they are in college, such as how to manage their time, become self-motivators, cook, clean, and make new friends. In contrast to 36% of private day students and 23% of public school students, 78% of boarding students claimed to be sufficiently prepared for life’s non-academic aspects. What a significant difference!


Perhaps Admission to Boarding School isn’t for you, but these statistics can help you understand the advantages and positive outcomes of selecting a boarding school over a private day or public school. In addition to helping you become a more complete person now, boarding also prepares you to lead and make a contribution to society for the rest of your life. Your interactions with your professors and friends will mould you into a person who has the potential to alter things.

One final piece of advice: don’t wait until the last minute to begin the boarding school selection process. Prior to the autumn of the school year you want your kids to attend, you will need at least 18 months.

RIMC school Admission Preparation Tips

It’s challenging to pass a test that calls for you to be top one in your region in just 45 days. One of the most esteemed tests in the nation is the RIMC. It makes it easier for you to enlist as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces and creates opportunities to a promising career.

In addition to being one of the oldest and top public institutions in the nation, RIMC is the premier preparation centre for the National Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam and Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview. Hence, 45 days of practice might be essential and can either improve or decrease your chances of passing the RIMC entrance examination provided you are up to date on the exam material. Here is how to go about it.

How to prepare for the RIMC Entrance Exam

Every two years, the RIMC Entrance Examination is given. It’s a building that the Indian Defense categorises as a Category A installation. The test is designed to prepare and inspire Indian boys to join the Defense Services. It is common knowledge that the material and exam are extensive and challenging.

Students require such institutions that can properly prepare them for the entrance exam. The Dehradun Defence Academy in Dehradun offers all the exam preparation and guidance for RIMC coaching needed to pass the entrance. It offers students training for defence services both intrinsic and learning through well-built labs, classrooms, and computer labs.

Here are some of the tips that can help you with the RIMC school admission:

Create a schedule

A proper schedule or plan enables pupils to gauge the amount of material they have covered and the amount still to be covered. Additionally, students can manage their time. Better exam outcomes may stem from effective time management. Don’t waste time answering queries that aren’t relevant. It is preferable to advance to the following.

Develop your Technical and Academic Knowledge

One must be conversant with the relevant academic and technical information. It is useful for both the written tests and the subsequent interview. There is never a waste of knowledge. Gather as much information as you can from various sources. Observe your surroundings carefully.

Make Notes

Keeping a note-taking habit is incredibly productive. Making notes as you study can help you retain information longer and more effectively. Making notes in your native tongue is crucial because they reflect what you have learned rather than what your professors have conveyed.

Focus on your speech-making/communication

Why do you inquire? Speaking ability improves communication. The written exam can definitely be passed if you have bookish knowledge. But during the interview, you will be discovered. In addition to testing your knowledge, the interviewer also looks at your character. It is crucial to develop your vocab and public speaking skills because of this.

Focus on Mock tests too

It takes practise to get flawless. The greatest technique to assess your level of knowledge and what you still need to study is to take mock exams. By practising for mock exams, one can quickly identify their exam skills and limitations. They serve as a wake-up call for students.

Solve previous year papers and sample papers

Students get a preview of the question paper from previous years’ examinations. They will benefit as well from knowing the format, weighting, and length of the exam. Since there is a time constraint for finishing the paper, solving papers will also teach you how to manage your time.

Stay updated with the current affairs

The majority of general knowledge is made up of current affairs. There are numerous current affairs-related issues that can be raised during the individual interview and group discussions. Because RIMC begins instruction in the eighth grade, students must be informed about current events. It can be quite beneficial to read newspapers, watch news channels, and keep up with technological developments.

Calm your mind

Don’t panic. We frequently lose our cool and start freaking out as the exam day approaches. We begin to feel as though we are losing memory of the material we have studied as the exam date draws closer. That is untrue.

Take regular breaks

It is not necessary to spend 10 to 12 hours a day studying. An alert mind is less able to recall information than a rested mind. Don’t forget to take pauses when studying.

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How Dehradun Defence Academy can help you?

It won’t be simple to study for the RIMC admission exam. It will require suitable instruction and direction from professionals. Some coaching facilities offer preparation for the RIMC admission exam, but the students must choose between coaching and academics. It is preferable to choose institutions that offer instruction as well as training for RIMC and other defence services. One such institution that meets the needs of the students is Dehradun Defence Academy.

They also help the kids get ready for other exams including RMS, AISSEE, SSB, NDA, and TES in addition to RIMC. For the duration of the year, one can reside in a hostel and study in order to take the RIMC entrance exam. Chandigarh has a small number of schools, and the hostel offers training for military and defence colleges and schools.

Miscellaneous Tips you should remember while preparing for RIMC school admission

  • Avoid using technology and social media until you are ready. Take a walk or make some art if you need to relax.
  • Wisely use the internet Make a list of every subject you need to research on Google or YouTube. search all at once. In offline mode, obtain all the data. Internet usage ought to be disabled while studying.
  • Even if you are weary at the end of the day, you can always take out an extra 30 minutes. We call this resilience. Your brain will process what you read just before bed very well. In this final lap, read light, engaging subjects.
  • Make a list of challenging subjects and ask a close friend, a sibling, or your parents, or your mentors or teachers for advice.


Without a doubt, getting into RIMC isn’t simple. But if you put in the necessary mental effort, concentration, dedication, and hard work, you could be the first person from your state to pass the test and enrol in the esteemed college. Last but not least, finish each day with an affirmation. I can manage it! I’m going to pass this test.

Best wishes!! May you be successful.

Preparation tips for Sainik School

Dear students, do you intend to take the Sainik School Entrance Exam in 2023 or 2024? If so, you’ve come to the right spot. B because the best books for admission exams and exam preparation tips for Sainik School are listed below. In order to prepare for the entrance exam in 2023, applicants can obtain the Sainik School Exam Guides from our website.

How to prepare for Sainik School Entrance Exam

In Dehradun, DSS is one of the best coaching institutions. Everyone in our coaching facility offers preparing advice of the highest calibre. If you’d want to enrol at Sainik School. You must therefore obtain Sainik School Preparation Tips. For example, what to study, how to study, study materials, study schedules, and interview preparation.

Doon Sainik school is the best academy in Dehradun NCR for RIMC, military, and Sainik schools preparation for entrance exams. For India’s TOP Boarding Schools, we assist students in the preparation of written exams and interviews.

Tip 1: Know your exam Pattern

The preparation for the 2023 Sainik School test begins with this. Identifying the total number of questions, section-by-section questions, marking scheme, and other key factors can be done with the use of exam patterns.

Therefore, you can see from the exam format above that just math accounts for 50% of the overall scores. Learn this subject thoroughly and strengthen it as a result. In addition, cover additional subjects to raise overall grades.

Class 6th Exam Pattern

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
General Knowledge2550

Class 9 Exam Pattern

SectionTotal QuestionsTotal Marks
Social Studies2550
General Science2550

Tip 2: Plan Accordingly

Making an appropriate plan for your exam preparation is crucial. Planning should be scheduled by creating a schedule and allocating enough time for each desired subject in accordance with that schedule.

Tip 3: Go through the entire Syllabus

You must be familiar with the exam syllabus if you wish to pass the entrance exam. A proper syllabus is required for the exam. Additionally, plan your schedule in accordance with the syllabus. You can manage any subject with the help of the schedule. For Sainik school textbooks, visit our website.

Tip 4: Clear Basic Concepts

After reviewing the exam material, students must first understand their foundational principles. You can’t go on to difficult or extreme issues if you haven’t established your foundation for any given subject. However, fundamental questions can also come up frequently. Clarify your fundamental ideas about each subject.

Tip 5: Go through School Books First

It is crucial for a student to consult their course textbooks from the current and previous classes. All of the topics covered in these books are covered in detail and at a basic level. Thus, the foundation for Sainik school preparation is laid by textbooks. After that, you can read through other reference materials to prepare with more questions of the same kind in order to perform well on the Sainik School Entrance Exam 2023.

Tip 6: Examine your weaknesses

For exam preparation, each student should be aware of their areas of strength and weakness. if you are unaware of your weaknesses. next determine which subject and which topic you are not at your best in. Then focus on that subject more. To achieve greater achievements, you must practise more frequently.

Tip 7: Go through You Tube

The best place to learn is on YouTube because it offers free lessons from experts with advanced degrees. Each topic has a detailed video available.

Simply write down each topic and search for it on YouTube. Hindi, English, and more regional languages are available for learning.

Tip 8: Practice Previous Years Papers/Mock Tests

Regular practice is the best way to get close to perfection. This statement is fact, not simply a saying. You must take practise exams if you want to pass the AISSEE 2023 and achieve higher exam results. Students can take practise exams online or practise by working through old exam papers. Make sure you have prepared adequately for the exam before taking it; without preparation, you cannot pass the test.

Tip 9: Gather Exam related notes

Students are required to prepare their exam notes during their exam preparation. All applicants can benefit greatly from the exam notes. You can quickly review your whole syllabus using the exam notes you took right before the test. Ensure your notes were organised properly and in accordance with the official exam curriculum.

Tip 10: Manage your time well

This is another crucial element of the exam preparation advice. As far as we are aware, there won’t be much time to attempt the test. Therefore, you must finish the exam within specified time frame. Keep in mind that during the exam you must give your all.

To examine your time for a single question paper, you must practise more and more and take mock exams. Students should be required to write more quickly. This will be more useful when taking the test. If you write quickly, you won’t have to leave any questions unanswered for lack of time.

Tip 11: Go through Study Material

We advise all students to pick the best textbooks for exam preparation. Make sure all of the book’s contents are up to date with the syllabus before purchasing any exam-related books. Because the syllabus and structure may change every year, it is always advisable to buy the most recent edition of a particular book for the entrance exam. Students can also look out some recommended books for the AISSEE 2023, on our portal.

Tip 12: Tuition/Coaching

Students may also enrol in tutoring sessions for challenging or in-depth subjects. There is also the option of a coaching class. However, paying for classes at this age is a better choice. Find a reputable tutor for your subject and finish your studying before the test.

Tip 13: Do not distract yourselves, avoid social media

Some social media tools can be very helpful to you, like you tube and some other media channels but mostly it is a big distraction. Most students use their mobile devices to visit social media when they are studying. Please don’t touch these objects. as a result of the time they waste. Using a mobile device while studying makes it difficult to concentrate.

Only use it under the guidance of your parents and for study and reference purposes only.

Tip 14: Stay fit, do meditation and exercises

The last but certainly not the least Sainik School Preparation 2023 advice is to practise regular meditation and modest exercise to keep your mind awake and alert. To stay healthy, follow a nutritious diet and get enough sleep.

Sainik School Best Books 2023 for Exam Preparation

  • Sainik School 6th Guide 2023- Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 9 book by Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 6 Exam Guide 2023 in Hindi by Arihant
  • Sainik School Class 9 Guide 2023
  • Sainik School Book 2023
  • Sainik School Class 6 Exam Guide 2023
  • AISSEE Paper 1, Paper 2 Books


So, if you want to pass the exam, use these pointers and Sainik tutoring to succeed. This article will help you with Sainik School Preparation Tips. By using these strategies, you can pass the entrance exam with awesome grades. Stay focused, and best of luck!


The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), is an Inter-Service of the nation Category ‘A’ foundation, managed through the Director-General of Military Training in India, Main army Headquarters DHQ PO New Delhi-110011. Initially called by the name of   Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, it was established on 13 March 1922 by His Royal Highness, Prince Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales.

It was then situated on the premises of the past Imperial Cadet Corps ( additionally called Rajwada Camp), The land of lavish green open country, contiguous Garhi Village in Dehradun Cantonment. During his Address to the initial 37 Cadets, the Prince of Wales said, “It is the initial not many blows on the blacksmith’s iron of the existence that give the human weapon the set and temper that brings him through life’s fights”. The Prince likewise made reference to the old Indian convention of ‘Master and Chela’. This relationship of common love and veneration has framed the stone bed of RIMC ethos.


RIMC has a long history and rich traditions. Over the years the alumni have produced many leaders of the system, both military as well as civil, which included four Chiefs of Army Staff, two Chiefs of the Air staff and one Chief of Naval Staff in India; one Commander-in-Chief of the Army and two Chiefs of the Air Staff in Pakistan; scores of officers of General/Flag/Air rank, Commanding Corps, Fleets, Wings and Divisions and other distinguished appointments on both the sides of the border. Besides, many high civilian dignitaries like Governors, Ambassadors, Ministers, and Captains of industry have passed through the hallowed portals of the RIMC. Portraits of such luminaries adorn our walls at strategic places as inspiring beacons for young students of the day.


The reason for this Institution was to give Indian Boys appropriate instruction and preparing to guarantee a high pass-rate for the Indians being shipped off the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, as a component of the Indianisation program of the Officer framework of the Indian Army. RIMC was not, truth be told, a College, however a pre-Sandhurst foundation run along the lines of an English Public School. The British accepted that to turn into an Army Officer, if training in Britain was outlandish, government-funded school instruction in India was an outright need.

The British accepted that state-funded school training was especially fundamental for Indian Boys, whose childhood made them reasonable for the afflictions and self-restraint of armed force life. Thus, with this vision to establish the framework for the chose youngsters, the College makes an undertaking to empower them to deal with the National security issues in later life, to turn into a feeder foundation to NDA, NAVAC, and furthermore empower Cadets to apply for CME and Technical section (CTW) and some other plans from where Cadets can join the Defense Services.


The Campus has many legacy structures in Tudor Style, some of them in excess of a hundred years of age. These rich structures house the Cadets in Dormitories, with a Mess and Dining Hall for suppers; the Education Block with extensive homerooms, exceptional with Smart Classes and Laboratories, monitored by an altogether proficient Faculty, with an instructor understudy proportion of 1:12. In addition, it has many play Fields, Courts, a 50 Mtrs Olympic size Swimming pool, a 10 meters Diving Pool, Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Ranges, and all offices for co-curricular exercises.

why to join rimc?

Rimc school means Rashtriya Indian Military College with the primary aim of preparing young boys for entry into Defence Services specially selected through an All India Competitive Examination and to provide Cadets to serve the nation. RIMC Dehradun is established by the Ministry of Defence, Government of India in 1922. The Campus of RIMC Dehradun is spread over 138 acres and has an enrollment of 250 cadets of India and strictly on merit through a written examination, interview, and a medical test.. As for better education, RIMC has a 1:12 teacher-student ratio.

The entry in this school of Candidates is selected from all over India through a national level competitive examination. The RIMC examination held twice a year in each state. After the Successful candidates in the entrance exam have to go through a medical fitness test to be final admission to the school. RIMC 2021 examination is also offering to candidates an application form for the students of class 7th, who want to take admission in class 8th. In this article, we are providing all the details of the RIMC 2021 such as important dates, eligibility, exam pattern of examination, rimc syllabus, rimc result, rimc admission, etc.

School Facilities

The Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) is a Public School for boy’s situated in Dehradun, Uttarakhand valley in India. RIMC Institute  is a way of Defence Services for national defence academy and Indian Naval academy and subsequently the Indian Armed Forces. Rimcollians, the name by which The famous alumni of RIMC are usually denoted by this name .

Every six month RIMC conduct entrance exam for admission to the 8th class by which 25 candidates are admitted every in the school.

Fees Structure

S.No.PARTICULARSAnnual Fee at the time of AdmissionPer Term Basis Fees
(a)Security(One Time/Refundable)200000
(a)Tuition Fees96004800
(b)Book Stationery28101405
(d)Entertainment & Cinema1780890
(f)Adventure & Activities850425
(i)Hostel Maintenance Charge1690845
(j)Cycle Repairs14070
(m)Comdt Fund1210605
(n)Postal Charges380190
(a)Magazine & Chronicle740370
(d)Miscellaneous(Insurance, P.Money, Pvt Exp)75203390

Details of State/Union Territory which are awarding
scholarships to the cadets of RIMC,
Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Ser NoStateAmount per cadet
per annum
2.Andhra Pradesh14,000/-
3.Arunachal Pradesh60,000/-
10.Himachal Pradesh20,000/-
18.Madhya Pradesh12,000/-
20.NagalandFull bill re-imbursed
28.Uttar Pradesh24,000/-
29.West Bengal20,000/-

The Administrative Officer
Garhi Cantt, Dehradun – 248003
Ph : 8586858986  (09:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
Fax : 0135 – 2754260 (09:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
0135 – 2754260 (09:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
Email : [email protected]

The First Appellate Authority for RIMC is as under
The Commandant
Garhi Cantt, Dehradun – 248003
Ph : 0135 – 2752083  (09:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
Email: [email protected]

The Transparency Officer for RIMC is as under
The Assistant Administrative Officer/Training Officer
Garhi Cantt, Dehradun – 248003
Ph : 0135 – 2752083  (09:00 AM to 4:00 PM)
Email: [email protected]

RIMC Coaching Institute Dehradun || RIMC Officaly website

Best RMS Coaching in Dehradun best Entrance Exam Coaching center

  • RMS Coaching Dehradun Students

About Doon Sainik School Coaching Academy

Doon Sainik School Coaching Academy provides the best RMS coaching in Dehradun. The academy not only provides coaching for RMS school but for other schools as well such as Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, The Doon School, Welham Schools, etc. Along with the coaching for the entrance exam for different schools.

Moving back to RMS coaching in Dehradun,Doon Sainik School prepares the students for the admissions in VI & IX standards as RMS provides admissions only in VI & IX classes. The students can join Doon Sainik School from any part of India to get RMS coaching in Dehradun. What makes Doon Sainik School one of the best options for RMS coaching in Dehradun?

• Doon Sainik School has expert faculty members who provide the best RMS coaching in Dehradun.
• Doon Sainik School offers a competitive environment that helps you to motivate your moral.
• The faculties conduct class tests on a regular basis to monitor the preparation of the students so far.
• Doon Sainik School provides the best study material for RMS entrance exam preparation. They will also recommend the books for the RMS entrance exam that will cover the complete syllabus of the entrance exam.
• The faculty at Doon Sainik School motivates their students in the class to do well so that they can finally perform well in the entrance exam.
• The students can also get last year’s question paper for the RMS entrance exam to get an idea about the pattern of the question being asked in the entrance exam.
• There is flexibility in the classes for the comfort of the students.
• The students who are not able to join the regular classes can also join the weekend classes to get the best RMS coaching in Dehradun.
• The students also get individual one-on-one guidelines to do better in the preparation of the RMS entrance exam.

Who are eligible to apply for the RMS Entrance Exam?

• Only male students are eligible to apply for RMS admissions.
• For admissions in VI standard, the age limit of the students must be between 10 to 11 years as of 1st July of the admission year.
• For admissions in IX standard, the age limit of the students must be between 13 to 14 years as of 1st July of the admission year.
• The relaxation in upper age will be provided up to 6 months for the war of personnel killed in action.
• For admission in VI standard, the students must have passed V standard from a recognized School before the date of admission at RMS. The students appearing in V standard is eligible to appear in the respective entrance test.
• For admission in IX standard, the students must have passed VIII standard from a recognised School before the date of admission at RMS.

How about the examination Pattern of the RMS entrance exam

Syllabus of the entrance exam of RMS

• Mathematics Syllabus
Temperature, Lines & Angles, Ratio & proportion, Area & perimeter, Square root, Simple interest, Average, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Unitary method, Fractions, HCF & LCM, Natural numbers, etc.

• GK Syllabus
Inventions & inventors, Some historical events/ landmarks, Games & sports, Capitals & Currencies, National parks & sanctuaries located in India, important townships on Rivers, Countries, Indian Armed Forces, Atomic power stations in India, Important days, Classical Dance forms of India, States of India, Union territories, important facts about India, etc.

• English Syllabus
Antonyms & Synonyms, Articles & prepositions, Conjunctions, Letter writing, English grammar, Idioms, One-word substitution Vocabulary, etc.

• Intelligence Test
Coding & Decoding, Alphabetical arrangement of words, Classification, analogy test, series completion, mathematics operations, etc.

Reservation of vacancies

As per last year’s data, the reservation of vacancies available at RMS is as follows-

• For the wards of JCOs/ OR of Army, Navy & Air Force (Including ex-servicemen)- 70%
• For the wards of Officers of Army, Navy & Air Force (Including retired officers & wards of civilians- 30%
• 50% of seats are reserved for the wards of Service personnel killed in action.
• 15% & 7.5% seats are reserved for the reserved categories like SC & ST.

Interview & Result to get selected at RMS

The students who qualify in the entrance exam of RMS will be called for a personal interview at the respective RMS campus. The final merit list for the admissions will be prepared as per the result of the personal interview. The result will be available online on the official website of RMS.

Selection procedure of RMS

Top RIMC Boarding School

RIMC or Rashtriya Indian Military College is a reputed public school situated in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand. Dehradun city is known for best schools and RIMC is one among those schools. Doon Sainik School provides best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun to make child future in Defence.RIMC is one of the finest schools in Dehradun in terms of infrastructure, education system and discipline. RIMC came into existence in 1922. RIMC has made various success stories in different fields such as Defence, Ambassador, Governors etc. The primary objective of RIMC is to choose the best candidates for NDA/ NAVAC.

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The Doon sainik school lays stress on sports for the overall physical and mental development of all students.Sports activities like football, Swimming pool, handball, kho-kho, and badminton and PT form an integral part of the school routine. Indoor sports facilities in our hostel consisting of carrom, chess, etc, also exist in the Classes. The school Kingston also has a well-maintained athletic track, football, volleyball, and basketball grounds.Cadets get a chance to participate in various Inter School, Inter Section, District Level Swimming Competition. College has a full Olympic Size Swimming Pool, with a 10 meter Diving platform.

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Day Boarding School

Day boarding school comes under one of the best schools in India. Many students wish to get admission in the school to fulfil their dream of getting success in different fields such as Engineering, Medical, teaching etc. The school offered facilities for a comfortable stay of the students and their peaceful study. It provides a great opportunity for those students who want join Day boarding school Coaching in Dehradun and also help financial help for their studies. The education in day boarding school in Dehradun is free including boarding, uniforms, books & notebooks etc.

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