Online Preparation for Sainik School

Online Preparation for Sainik School Admission

About Sainik School:

Sainik Schools are residential schools for males that specialize in military-biased public education. The schools are financed by both federal and state money and are connected with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

With the primary objective of preparing boys academically, physically, and emotionally for admission to the National Defense Academy, the project to build Sainik Schools was initiated in 1961.

Preparation Method:

The Sainik School Preparation tips and tactics have assisted many students in overcoming their fear of failure, comprehending the theories and subjects from the ground up, and developing a newfound sense of self-confidence. To make learning enjoyable, they also make learning simpler and incorporate fun into it.

From sample test series papers for class 10 to online video lectures for the Sainik School class 6 entrance exam, there are many more. No matter what academic level they are in, all students require this comprehensive set of resources, which includes study videos, advice, example papers, practice exams, quizzes, and more. For additional details, get in touch with us.

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Online Preparation for Sainik School :

You must plan thoroughly. Each subject must be given the appropriate amount of time according to your schedule. Planning well is the first and most crucial stage in preparation for the Sainik School Entrance Exam. Create a schedule that allows for enough time for each subject. You can spend more time on the subjects that are challenging for you.

Understand the exam structure:

Exam structure comprehension is crucial. As you must get ready for the exam, this is necessary. Understanding the exam structure is essential for effective exam preparation. You can gather information for your exam once you’ve created the schedule. It is necessary to know the exam’s format, amount of questions, weighting system, syllabus, etc.

Exam syllabus:

You need to be aware of the exam curriculum if you wish to pass the entrance exam. You need to prepare for the exam using the right syllabus. Additionally, plan your schedule based on the syllabus. Your ability to manage each subject is aided by the schedule.

Make sure all of your notions are clear:

 You won’t be able to answer difficult or advanced queries if your fundamentals are weak. Discuss all of the foundational ideas for each subject. You must be conscious of your strong points and weakness.  Work on your areas of weakness and pay careful attention to each subject. To achieve greater results, practice more. You should only go on to questions with more complexity once you have mastered those ideas. You must be conceptually knowledgeable in order to answer the more difficult questions.

Practice prior year papers and mock exams:

If you want to succeed in the Sainik School entrance exam. Mock tests and previous year papers are essential to passing the exam. You won’t be able to pass the admission exam if you don’t practice. By taking practice exams and tackling papers from prior years, you can gauge your progress. Test your progress by giving it a go exactly like the real exam. The harder/weaker exam portions can then be worked on as necessary.

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Take notes for the exam:

It will be beneficial for you if you do. You must use these notes to revise the whole course syllabus. Prepare your notes based on the exam’s outline. Every student should be aware of both their strong and weak areas when preparing for a test. Determine the topics and subjects you have the greatest trouble with if you are unable to identify your areas of weakness.  Make notes on everything you discuss. You can read them whenever you choose, and it will aid in speedy revision. You learn things better by writing about them.

Time management:

Organizing your time effectively is a crucial part of getting ready for the entrance exam. You may be aware that you have a finite amount of time to complete the exam.

For time management:

You should therefore practice mock exams and previous year’s papers. You will be able to evaluate the amount of time spent on a particular question in this way. You should also practice writing quickly.

Study resources:

In accordance with the most recent syllabus, you must study from the best literature. For the most recent syllabi, please click on our app. Purchase the most recent edition of a book or a Sainik School practice exam. We advise every aspirant to choose the best study resources for exam preparation. Verify again that all of the contents of any exam book match the most recent syllabus before making a purchase.

Tuition class: To solidify your foundation and clarify your notions, you can also enroll in a tuition class. For more information, check out our online course for the Sainik school.

Reading materials suggested for class 9th-grade preparation:

  • Arihant’s book 2022 from Sainik School Class 9.
  • Arihant’s AISSEE Paper 1, Paper 2, and Solved Papers for Class IX.
  • The Arihant Hindi translation of the Sainik School Class 9 Guide 2022.
  • Sainik School Entrance Exam Solved Papers for Class IX, published by Ramesh Publications.

What will be covered in the class 6:

The subjects listed below are for sixth grade:

1. Mathematical

2. GK (SST & Science) (SST & Science)

3. Language, Fourth, Intelligence


Therefore, if you want to pass the exam, these pointers and Sainik tutoring will help you. You can use these techniques to pass the admission exam with flying colors. In order to prepare for Online Preparation for Sainik School , it is vital to practice Sainik School previous year papers.

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