Life of Cadets at RMS           

Life of Cadets at Rashtriya Military School (RMS)

The Rashtriya Military School (RMS) in India, founded in 1946, offers academic and military training to young boys aspiring to serve their nation. It has produced many successful Indian Armed Forces officers. Cadet life at RMS is a disciplined, adventurous and character building journey. In this article, we will explore the various aspects the Life of Cadets at Rashtriya Military School.

Admission and Selection

The Admission process to RMS is competitive, merit-based, and open to candidates ages of 10-12 years and who have completed Class V or VIII. The selection involves a written exam, interview and medical evaluation. Only those successful students who passed these stages are selected for admission.

Discipline at RMS

Discipline is a cornerstone in the daily life of RMS cadets. The school follows with a strict schedule, morning wake-up call at starting at 5:40 am. It includes physical training, classes begin at 8:30 am to till 1:30 pm, The cadets also engage in sports and extracurricular activities. The Evening involves dinner and study time and the lights out by 10:00 pm.


RMS follows the CBSE curriculum with high academic standards. Cadets must maintain strong academic performance and receiving coaching and support to excel in their studies. RMS academic Programs aim to enhance analytical and logical skills.


At RMS, military training is both rigorous and comprehensive. Our cadets receive training in various aspects of military life, including drill, weapon proficiency, map reading, and physical fitness training. The primary goal of this training is to develop discipline, leadership, and teamwork skills among our cadets. In addition, we organize adventure and outdoor training programs that offer our cadets exposure to challenging scenarios, further enhancing their problem-solving abilities. Join us to embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth.

Sports & Activities

RMS places a strong emphasis on sports and extracurriculars with top-notch facilities like gymnasium, pool, football, and basketball court. Cadets are encouraged to stay active and healthy. The school also offers diverse activities like music, drama, and debating for creative and communication skill development.


RMS cadets stay in hostel accommodations along with separate rooms for juniors and seniors. The dormitories are clean and equipped with beds, room lockers, and study tables. The cadets enjoy balanced and healthy, diverse meals with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.


Uniforms play a significant role in the life of our cadets. We instill in them a sense of pride in wearing their uniforms and maintaining impeccable personal grooming standards. To facilitate this, we provide uniforms and grooming kits to our cadets, ensuring they are well-equipped and properly maintained them. Also, the school conducts regular inspections, fostering a culture of discipline standards.

About the Life at RMS

RMS cadet life is characterized by discipline and challenge, offering profound rewards and fulfillment. The school creates a unique environment for young boys to cultivate their physical, intellectual, and moral capabilities within a supportive environment. Explore the table below to discover the key factors of cadet life at RMS:

Admission ProcedureMerit based
DisciplineFollowing Strict routine and timetable
Academic ExcellenceCBSE curriculum standards with coaching and support
RMS TrainingDevelops discipline and leadership skills
Extracurricular ActivitiesFocused on sports and physical activities, wide range of extracurricular activities available
Food AccommodationHostel accommodation, well-maintained with nutritious meals
Leadership and Character DevelopmentFocuses on leadership and character development


In summary, the life of cadets at RMS is an exceptional and fulfilling journey. The School offers a well-rounded education that emphasizes academic excellence, physical fitness, leadership, and character development. The disciplined training provided at RMS, is the way for a prosperous career in the Indian Armed Forces and beyond. We take immense pride in our legacy of producing numerous successful officers, and we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence in military education.

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