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Principal Madam
Faculty of sainik school

~MA (Public Administration) & B.Ed , PGCTE (Assistant Master) was honored with the National Awardfor Teachers, 2011.
~The Indian Education Award 2019 - The award was presented to her at New Delhi on the occasion of the Teacher's Day, by her Excellency, Smriti Zubin Irani is an Indian politician.
~GS Faculty for Army Cadet in KV IMA (Dehradun).
~UPSC(Civil Services) Prelims Qualified
~Grade in NCC C Certificate
~National Player in Judo & Kho-Kho
~Divya Soni, director of Doon Sainik School, is currently the course mentor of 42 brigade HRDC unit of army education Corps Ex-senior Faculty of RIMC. Till end of November 2021 the learned and experienced faculty of Doon Sainik School have been the course mentors of the fore NDA batch in KV IMA.

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Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar
Kamlesh Yadav
Kamlesh Yadav
My name is Aditya Singh I m clear the exam of rimc 2023 . I m very thankful to divya mam . Best academy for rimc coaching
Naresh Singh
Naresh Singh
Excellent for rimc coaching
Sonu Jaiswal
Sonu Jaiswal
Excellent management of divya soni mam
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan
Maninder Parashar
Maninder Parashar
Skilled and dedicated staff. The training is comprehensive that includes written exam as well as SSB Interview. Results speak for work done. The new hostel at Nanda Ki Chowki is very luxurious. Discipline is enforced by Divya Madam who is gentle but firm in her approach.
Bar Sha
Bar Sha
Excellent coaching my son is clear for rimc thx Divya Soni mam
Devendra Pandey
Devendra Pandey
am grateful to be the part of this institution. Very interactive test. Well personalized. It's very good institution. Grateful teachers. This medium of online teaching is very good and very interactive and interesting classes. Very different way of learning than any other institute. Very good teachers and I am excited to learn everything of everyday's concepts. Best aptitude to prepare for entrance exams. I would like if every child to take part in this institution. Best questions in the handouts. It's amazing to learn in this aptitude for any entrance exam. Thank you.

RIMC school Admission Preparation Tips

It’s challenging to pass a test that calls for you to be top one in your region in just 45 days. One of the most esteemed tests in the nation is the RIMC. It makes it easier for you to enlist as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces and creates opportunities to a promising career.

In addition to being one of the oldest and top public institutions in the nation, RIMC is the premier preparation centre for the National Defence Academy (NDA) Entrance Exam and Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview. Hence, 45 days of practice might be essential and can either improve or decrease your chances of passing the RIMC entrance examination provided you are up to date on the exam material. Here is how to go about it.

How to prepare for the RIMC Entrance Exam

Every two years, the RIMC Entrance Examination is given. It’s a building that the Indian Defense categorises as a Category A installation. The test is designed to prepare and inspire Indian boys to join the Defense Services. It is common knowledge that the material and exam are extensive and challenging.

Students require such institutions that can properly prepare them for the entrance exam. The Dehradun Defence Academy in Dehradun offers all the exam preparation and guidance for RIMC coaching needed to pass the entrance. It offers students training for defence services both intrinsic and learning through well-built labs, classrooms, and computer labs.

Here are some of the tips that can help you with the RIMC school admission:

Create a schedule

A proper schedule or plan enables pupils to gauge the amount of material they have covered and the amount still to be covered. Additionally, students can manage their time. Better exam outcomes may stem from effective time management. Don’t waste time answering queries that aren’t relevant. It is preferable to advance to the following.

Develop your Technical and Academic Knowledge

One must be conversant with the relevant academic and technical information. It is useful for both the written tests and the subsequent interview. There is never a waste of knowledge. Gather as much information as you can from various sources. Observe your surroundings carefully.

Make Notes

Keeping a note-taking habit is incredibly productive. Making notes as you study can help you retain information longer and more effectively. Making notes in your native tongue is crucial because they reflect what you have learned rather than what your professors have conveyed.

Focus on your speech-making/communication

Why do you inquire? Speaking ability improves communication. The written exam can definitely be passed if you have bookish knowledge. But during the interview, you will be discovered. In addition to testing your knowledge, the interviewer also looks at your character. It is crucial to develop your vocab and public speaking skills because of this.

Focus on Mock tests too

It takes practise to get flawless. The greatest technique to assess your level of knowledge and what you still need to study is to take mock exams. By practising for mock exams, one can quickly identify their exam skills and limitations. They serve as a wake-up call for students.

Solve previous year papers and sample papers

Students get a preview of the question paper from previous years’ examinations. They will benefit as well from knowing the format, weighting, and length of the exam. Since there is a time constraint for finishing the paper, solving papers will also teach you how to manage your time.

Stay updated with the current affairs

The majority of general knowledge is made up of current affairs. There are numerous current affairs-related issues that can be raised during the individual interview and group discussions. Because RIMC begins instruction in the eighth grade, students must be informed about current events. It can be quite beneficial to read newspapers, watch news channels, and keep up with technological developments.

Calm your mind

Don’t panic. We frequently lose our cool and start freaking out as the exam day approaches. We begin to feel as though we are losing memory of the material we have studied as the exam date draws closer. That is untrue.

Take regular breaks

It is not necessary to spend 10 to 12 hours a day studying. An alert mind is less able to recall information than a rested mind. Don’t forget to take pauses when studying.

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How Dehradun Defence Academy can help you?

It won’t be simple to study for the RIMC admission exam. It will require suitable instruction and direction from professionals. Some coaching facilities offer preparation for the RIMC admission exam, but the students must choose between coaching and academics. It is preferable to choose institutions that offer instruction as well as training for RIMC and other defence services. One such institution that meets the needs of the students is Dehradun Defence Academy.

They also help the kids get ready for other exams including RMS, AISSEE, SSB, NDA, and TES in addition to RIMC. For the duration of the year, one can reside in a hostel and study in order to take the RIMC entrance exam. Chandigarh has a small number of schools, and the hostel offers training for military and defence colleges and schools.

Miscellaneous Tips you should remember while preparing for RIMC school admission

  • Avoid using technology and social media until you are ready. Take a walk or make some art if you need to relax.
  • Wisely use the internet Make a list of every subject you need to research on Google or YouTube. search all at once. In offline mode, obtain all the data. Internet usage ought to be disabled while studying.
  • Even if you are weary at the end of the day, you can always take out an extra 30 minutes. We call this resilience. Your brain will process what you read just before bed very well. In this final lap, read light, engaging subjects.
  • Make a list of challenging subjects and ask a close friend, a sibling, or your parents, or your mentors or teachers for advice.


Without a doubt, getting into RIMC isn’t simple. But if you put in the necessary mental effort, concentration, dedication, and hard work, you could be the first person from your state to pass the test and enrol in the esteemed college. Last but not least, finish each day with an affirmation. I can manage it! I’m going to pass this test.

Best wishes!! May you be successful.

Top RIMC Boarding School

RIMC or Rashtriya Indian Military College is a reputed public school situated in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand. Dehradun city is known for best schools and RIMC is one among those schools. Doon Sainik School provides best RIMC Coaching in Dehradun to make child future in Defence.RIMC is one of the finest schools in Dehradun in terms of infrastructure, education system and discipline. RIMC came into existence in 1922. RIMC has made various success stories in different fields such as Defence, Ambassador, Governors etc. The primary objective of RIMC is to choose the best candidates for NDA/ NAVAC.

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The Doon sainik school lays stress on sports for the overall physical and mental development of all students.Sports activities like football, Swimming pool, handball, kho-kho, and badminton and PT form an integral part of the school routine. Indoor sports facilities in our hostel consisting of carrom, chess, etc, also exist in the Classes. The school Kingston also has a well-maintained athletic track, football, volleyball, and basketball grounds.Cadets get a chance to participate in various Inter School, Inter Section, District Level Swimming Competition. College has a full Olympic Size Swimming Pool, with a 10 meter Diving platform.

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Day Boarding School

Day boarding school comes under one of the best schools in India. Many students wish to get admission in the school to fulfil their dream of getting success in different fields such as Engineering, Medical, teaching etc. The school offered facilities for a comfortable stay of the students and their peaceful study. It provides a great opportunity for those students who want join Day boarding school Coaching in Dehradun and also help financial help for their studies. The education in day boarding school in Dehradun is free including boarding, uniforms, books & notebooks etc.

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